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Happy - Repair My Credit ReportYou have probably found this page, because either you or someone you know has some issues regarding credit. These problems could be keeping you from getting the home of your dreams, a new car, a job you desperately want or even an insurance policy. Whatever the reason your credit scores can drastically impact your life. We are here to help you improve your credit scores so you can achieve your goals. However, not only will we help to improve your current scores, but we pride ourselves in teaching you techniques that will ensure your credit scores remain high.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people and whatever events that hurt your credit in the past can be overcome. Your credit scores are not doomed to be poor for 7 or 10 years. We have helped our customers remove negative listings including: judgements; tax liens; foreclosures; and even bankruptcy. You don't have to wait to get the life that you deserve you can start on a path to achieveing your goals today!

The credit reporting game is a secretive scoring system established by three major companies (Experian, TransUnion, & Equifax). These companies are not government entities they are huge for-profit companies that make billions of dollars selling your information to credit grantors and other credit score users. I want to let you in on a little secret: "These companies don't care about you, your credit scores, or any negative listings on your credit report they only care about making a profit". You have rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. You have the right to challenge anything and everything on your credit report. The credit bureaus are required to investigate each listing and verify that this listing is accurate. If the listing is not verifiable then the listing must be removed. We use our proven program to aggessively pursue the credit bureaus and demand that they only keep verifiable listings on your credit report.

Today over 25% of the United States population have a FICO score of less than 600. This huge increase in negative credit scores is largely related to the "Great Recession". You don't have to suffer with bad credit scores you can begin the path towards credit freedom. If you have any questions contact us or begin the process by signing up.

Robert "Bud" Johnson, CEO